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Founded in 1992, Pringle Design LLC is an award-winning, family-owned interior design firm that transforms spaces by optimizing interior architecture, modernizing finishes and enhancing exteriors. We serve both residential and commercial clients, and whether building new or remodeling existing spaces, we guide our clients in bringing their visions to life. Our work spans aesthetics and generations, and infuses quality, character and world-class design into each project we touch.

Our Pringle Design+Studio offers a new twist on interior and exterior finish materials sourcing. Complementing our design services, PD+S is a ‘new concept’, boutique design showroom that  showcases the best finish materials on the market, sourced from the best suppliers in the country. Our hand-selected offering of hardwoods, carpets, stone, tile and LVTs, ranges in style from transitional to modern. Materials are priced competitively and can meet a range of budgets, from builder-grade to premium, and through merchandising that makes sense, PD+S optimizes the design process. We sell to the trade, and to residential and commercial clients. Come visit us in the ‘Design Den’ at 974 NW Riverside Boulevard in downtown Bend! By appointment only.